I changed my Twitch name!

Kleine opmerking: Ik ben op het moment druk aan het werk aan de nieuwe site. Ik wil de site echter niet helemaal offline halen, dus je kunt alles nog gewoon bekijken. Maar de werkzaamheden kunnen er wel voor zorgen dat sommige pagina's er een beetje raar uitzien. Het zal niet heel lang meer duren. Happy
donderdag, oktober 6, 2022 - 17:22
Goodbye SNWgames, hello RosieSoCosy!

For those of you following me on Twitch, I recently made some changes to my Twitch channel. The biggest and most obvious one being, my new name! Which is RosieSoCosy. 😍

I used to be SNWgames on Twitch, but I decided to switch things up. I was unhappy with the name. For starters because streamers would always call me β€œsnow” πŸ˜’ which is really not what it stood for to begin with. But I used to stream as SNWgames with hubby (Cheetah) who has expressed he isn’t going to stream alongside me on every occassion anymore. He always told me it’s my channel. So yeah, new name!

When I finally get back to streaming I will still stream Sims games every now and then, as well as other classics such as SimCity, Spore and MySims. But as the name suggests, I will also play (other) cosy games. Not exclusively EA games anymore.

To read more about the history of SNWgames and why I changed it to RosieSoCosy, you can read this in depth article on my RosieSoCosy blog!

To clarify, this is simply about the derived name SNWgames. I will still run the SNW sites. Those are not going anywhere. However the SNWgames (non Sims/Spore) game content will be transferred to RosieSoCosy eventually.